AUREUM 1865 Single Malt Whisky Fassstärke AUREUM 1865 FASSSTÄRKE

The sensory experience of the AUREUM 1865 Fassstärke can be described as mellow and malty, with delicate sherry and fruity tones. A pronounced honey flavour and a touch of caramel are also characteristic of this Single Malt Whisky.

For the AUREUM 1865 Fassstärke, the “new-make”, the freshly-distilled whisky, is reduced to 63% vol. alc. and then half is stored in new chestnut casks and half in new Allier oak casks for exactly a year. The one-year-old whisky is then stored in used bourbon casks. It is finished in sherry casks.

The aging period of five years not only reduces the strength of the whisky to 53.9% vol. alc., but it also lends the whisky the diverse flavours that make it stand out.